So with all the discussion about what is hoochie…Dad takes the oldest girl to the store to get a “sheet” for a ghost costume….and they come home with…

a hoochie costume. Almost exactly like the picture in my post. Which just goes to show… I don’t know what men are thinking. It’s the same outfit in slightly different colors AND somehow she talked her dad into letting her get the outfit. THEN he goes and gets the goth makeup for the 10 year old. UGH! SO there goes everything I complained about when we were together in the store.

So this morning the 10 year old girl comes down stairs and sees the outfit…

Hally: “How come Ashlyn gets to wear a short costume and I don’t??” ” Ashlyn who is upstairs “ASHLYN! HOW COME YOU GET TO WEAR A SHORT COSTUME??” …to me “How come Ashlyn gets this costume, this is the costume you wouldn’t let me get!?!?”

Me: “I don’t know sweetie, talk to your dad?”

Hally: “Hrmpf, OK!”

Hally continues to go upstairs and give Ashlyn the 3rd degree….

Then Jake comes down stairs…

Jake: “Is this Hally’s costume?”

Me: “No, it’s Ashlyn’s”

Jake: (shaking his head yes) “It’s hoochie!”

Me: “yeah…I know.”

So here I sit annoyed because Dad got conned by a 13 year old and all hell broke lose.