I can’t help myself… I just can’t walk past them.

I’ll be in Safeway or Target or even Walmart (sshhhh don’t tell Dean) and I see them. It’s like they just jump out in front of me, I have a radar or something. The alarm goes off. That’s right…I’m talking about SPRINKLES.

When I was a kid there were only 2 types, jimmies and non-pareils.   Yes! I do know what they are called. On occasion you might find a silver bead like sprinkle (that would crack your teeth) or some candy hearts (red hots). That’s all there were and ya pretty much only saw them around the holidays. They weren’t everywhere like they are today. You can’t walk into an icecream shop with out seeing them. They are on every cookie now and even frosting. You can get a can of frosting that has sprinkles with it, and they are even in cake mixes!!!

So, I see them in the stores and they don’t just have jimmies and non-pareils, they have different shapes and every color imaginable. They even have cartoon shapes. How could I not get one of every kind? They are so whimsical! They are like cookie jewlery. I can’t pass up any new shape or color. Last year I even found a crushed peppermint sprinkle. When kids see cookies and cakes with sprinkles it’s like you sprinkled on some majic! How could I not be obsessed?!?!

I admit it, I can’t pass them up. They are wonderful, majical additions that turn the ordinary baked treat into extrodiary delights.

Now let’t not get started on my cookie cutter obsession….