It’s one of those little annoyances…..

Ok, ya know when you buy something new like a pair of shoes or some flip flops or ya treat yourself to a new spatula from the grocerystore or anything like that? When you get it out the first time or even before that, when you get it home…

PEEL OFF THE STICKER! It’s not that hard, step one: loosen the edge, step two peel. It’s so easy yet every where I go there is a sticker on the bottom of someones shoe or there is that little sticker on the side of your flip flop. One might say “oh, I didn’t see it.” but you know it’s there, every pair of flip flops has one on each shoe. Most shoes have a sticker on the bottom especially if you shop at Payless or DSW shoe warehouse or Nordstrom Rack. Reach down and peel it off.

Now there is evidence that some people have tried to peel off the sticker and failed. The sticker was just too much for them, they couldn’t win the sticker battle because there’s the other ripped half still on the shoe. Is it too hard to go get some nail polish remover? Could you just work it off a little. By just walking around with the shoe, IT’S NOT GOING TO COME OFF.

..And really, why would you cook with stickers on the bottom of your cookie sheet or on the spatula? It’s not coming off in the dishwasher, you have to do it. Just peel it off. Get the nail polish remover if you need to. Are you in such a hurry to bake you can’t take 2 seconds to peel it?

Don’t confuse this issue with the common problem of having children under 6 who have stickers everywhere and you find them on your shoe, on your purse, on your pants or on your ass when you get out of bed in the morning. Those stickers just breed and hide behind corners waiting for you to walk by and pounce.

I really shouldn’t have to tell you this people. This is 6th grade material. Just peel off the sticker!