Why are costume makers going along with the latest fashion trends who aim to make every little girl look trashy and hoochie? Grown ups can be hoochie all they want but couldn’t there be some line of clothing that is decent? My 10 and 13 year old girls kept picking out things I would expect to see in an adult costume shop. Low cut, strapy tops with short, short bottoms… I mean really, Most of these dresses wouldn’t pass the bend over test. I’m still not into it with shorts and tights.

I’m not an uptight person but WOW, can’t my little girls look like little girls for a while? Why are they allowing these pedophiles to design my kids Halloween costumes?? ¬†Who is out there wanting to make our daughters look like whores? What ever happened to princesses and funny animals? It’s all goth and short and hoochie. Arguing with a 13 year old in a Halloween store is so not my idea of fun.

There you have my rant for today.