Men and women are so different; or so many say. Although there may be some nuances in the differnt ways that men and women express themselves we are esentially the same. Equal. Now, I’m not one of those NOW, freakazoid, man hating, I don’t need anyone else kind of woman.

Men and women have the same capabilities, emotions and intelligence. Society through the ages has treated women as less. Up to this day, women are treated as inferior by men. Not all men, all the time, every day but it is deeply ingrained and is hard for men to lose. It’s gone on for centuries. It is so much so that even women feel the need to be subsurvient to men. That is an incorrect belief. Women are not on this earth to serve men, we are here to work along side them and grow together, be an integral part of each others lives.

If you are a woman, don’t give a man/men permission to put you down and treat you as any less.  The men in our lives should treat us with respect and honor. If they do not, it is your place to let them know that thier behavior is unacceptable. Women should share equally in the finances of a home as well as the major decisions unless you concede because that is your preference. Men don’t have the right to run everything. Although treated as such, men do not run the world.

If you are a man, treat the women in your life with respect, valuing her opinion and judgement. If she is a strong woman, relish in that fact. Don’t try to quiet her voice or be ashamed. Celebrate her voice.

Haven’t women been in chains long enough? Haven’t women been treated as worse than dogs or as posessions or objects? It’s time for women to take their place in the world. We don’t wish to over take it, we just need to be a more integral part.