What is it that makes a person successful? What is success? Who defines what success is?

The answer is you. I know that referring to a kids movie about a Chinese bear who has goals of being a super hero is kinda lame but it helps illustrate. In the movie the bear works hard to earn the secret to the scroll. Once he has the secret and the scroll is released for him to get the secret formula to success, he opens it and  has the word YOU written and that is all.

Each person, individually, has their own goals and their own thoughts of what  success is. One only has to decide if they will determine their ideas of success or the world around them and what others say it is. To many americans, success is the high paying job and the fancy car and the fancy degree.

The most successful people, in my eyes, are the ones who are happy with who they are, and where they are in life. I personally do not measure my success by what others say it is, nor do I measure it by my collection of clothes or shoes or cars or by the job I might or might not have, not even by who my husband. I measure my success by the kind of person I am. I still have goals to do more and be more successful.

I have a great home life (NO not perfect), my kids are great, my husband treats me with respect and I have some awesome relationships with a broad selection of people. I have experienced some unique situations that help me appreciate who I am and where I am. I’m not isolated in my success, I share it with those close to me and I also have a goal to inspire others.

Whatever phase of life and whatever you do, appreciate that your success is from you and what you value. If you value your job and you do the best job you can, that is success, if you value your children and have poured all your effort into keeping them safe and are showing them how to be a good adult, you are successful. Defind to yourself what success is and then reach that goal. 

If you are successful, relish the success, appreciate it for what it truly is. If others make you feel you are not successful, you are giving them permission to make you feel that way.

If you are not successful, the only person standing in your way…. is YOU.