I speak to several women every day. I speak to women on Facebook, I speak to them at my sons school, I speak to women in my neighborhood, at church and the list goes on. I hear the same thing from just about every woman.

“My life is so busy!” , “I don’t have time for (fill in the blank)”. It’s a theme, women spend so much time taking care of other family members, hauling them around, keeping the calendar, attending events for kids, church, and work and cleaning and making sure homework is done, dinner is made and so forth that they come last. I acually had a friend mention that she felt guilty if she just sat down and watched TV for a bit. WOW!

Why do we impose all this on ourselves? Why do we think we should or even can do it all?  In my case I was letting society determine who I was. I felt like there was pressure to do everything and get it all done. Some of that may have come from being a kid in the 70s where women who wished to inspire young girls put out the message that women can do anything.  I converted that word at the end anything and changed it in my mind to everything. In my mind I felt there was pressure to be successful in every arena.  

The answer I have found is that, I can do it all. I just can’t do all of it at full capacity. On a scale from 1-10 I would rate myself differently at different times At some points in my life I might have rated myself a 10 in finances and a 10 in health but I would have rated myself as a 5 in relationships and a 3 in spirituality. Other times I might have rated myself as a 9 in spirituality and an 8 in relationships but a 4 in finances. My life was out of balance in some way or another. I would focus on one area and a different area would suffer.  What I needed was balance. Rather than trying to be all 10s or some 10s I found it’s good to be a 7 or 8 in every area. That means, I can have a fairly clean house but it doesn’t have to be the cleanest, I can have  a great spiritual life but I don’t have to beat myself up if I don’t study my bible every day, I can work and make some money but I don’t have to have a prestigious job.

The only person I have to compete with is me. I have found that the reason I wanted everything to be perfect was that that’s what I thought the demand was. Does my husband care if the house is perfect? NO, Do my kids need me to cook a gourmet meal every day? NO. Do I have to go to serve every Sunday in church to be a good person? NO. Do I have to bake cute cookies everytime my kid has to take cookies to school? NO. If these No’s are sticking out to you maybe it’s a word that needs to enter your vocaublary. 

Being a mother and or a wife is a great thing. Women should take time for themselves every day to do something they like, to enjoy a pleasure they have, kick up those heels and watch TV, go get ice cream all by yourself, chat with your friend on the phone for a while, talk to your neighbor for a while. Take that course you have been wanting to take.  All the laundry, all the dishes, all the tasks will be there later for you to do. The kids don’t all have to be in some activity.

Take the time to be you for a while. If you don’t know what that is then it’s time you found out.