As I get older and wiser the more I realize, I don’t know as much as I think I did ..used think AND the more I realize that doctors don’t know as much as they think or at least would have you think they know. It would be so refreshing to hear a doctor say,

“I don’t know, maybe this doc would know”. But they don’t.

Now that I have to move into a new phase of my biological life I have to seek out the truth from many sources. I can’t just go to one doctor and get all MY choices, I only get HIS choices. I have to read from several sources and meet different people in all areas of life (yoga teacher, chiropractor, other women, family counselor) just to get an answer on where to start.

I am tired of pumping my body full of synthetic, un-natural or even worse animal versions of “natural” treatments. Why should my liver have to work so hard to process these drugs when I can get natural alternatives? Why don’t doctors look at natural alternatives more? I know that they are not government approved and regulated but well …. it is how people got by  for centuries before modern medicine. I believe doctors should look at what’s out there and see how harmful so many of the drugs on the market are and then look at the research that has gone on years before them and integrate some of those natural medicines. God put all these wonderful plants on this earth for us to use as treatment.

I’m not saying I don’t trust doctors, I just don’t trust them to be complete experts because I don’t believe they have all the facts. As my granda always used to say “Doctors don’t know everything, they are just practicing.”